Invoice Splitter API Node.js

The Node.js OCR SDK supports the Invoice Splitter API.

Using this sample, we are going to illustrate how to detect the pages of multiple invoices within the same document.


⚠️ Important: This API only works asynchronously, which means that documents have to be sent and retrieved in a specific way:

const mindee = require("mindee");
// for TS or modules:
// import * as mindee from "mindee";

// Init a new client
const mindeeClient = new mindee.Client({ apiKey: "my-api-key" });

// Load a file from disk
const inputSource = mindeeClient.docFromPath("/path/to/the/file.ext");

// Parse the file asynchronously.
const asyncApiResponse = mindeeClient.enqueueAndParse(mindee.product.InvoiceSplitterV1, inputSource);

// Handle the response Promise
asyncApiResponse.then((resp) => {
  // print a string summary

Output (RST):

:Mindee ID: 8c25cc63-212b-4537-9c9b-3fbd3bd0ee20
:Filename: default_sample.jpg

:Product: mindee/carte_vitale v1.0
:Rotation applied: Yes

:Given Name(s): NATHALIE
:Surname: DURAND
:Social Security Number: 269054958815780
:Issuance Date: 2007-01-01

Page Predictions

Page 0
:Given Name(s): NATHALIE
:Surname: DURAND
:Social Security Number: 269054958815780
:Issuance Date: 2007-01-01

Field Types

Specific Fields

Invoice Splitter V1 Page Group

List of page group indexes.

An InvoiceSplitterV1PageGroup implements the following attributes:

  • pageIndexes (number[]): List of indexes of the pages of a single invoice.
  • confidence (number): The confidence of the prediction.


The following fields are extracted for Invoice Splitter V1:

Invoice Page Groups

invoicePageGroups (InvoiceSplitterV1PageGroup[]): List of page indexes that belong to the same invoice in the PDF.

for (const invoicePageGroupsElem of result.document.inference.prediction.invoicePageGroups){ 
  console.log(invoicePageGroupsElem.pageIndexes.join(", "));


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