Mindee's REST API endpoint are specific points of entry used to make requests.

Predictions Endpoint: this refers to the response or results that our APIs deliver on a given document. All our APIs offer a prediction endpoint.

Base URL

Mindee provides off-the-shelf and custom APIs. To make a prediction or train an API, we use the REST interface where you can make requests over HTTPS protocol. Each URL starts with the same pattern: https://api.mindee.net/v1/products/_<account_name>_/_<api_name>_/ where,

  • <account_name>: refers to your username or organization name with which you signed up with.
  • <api_name>: refers to the name of the API your are using.


Each request made to the Mindee REST API must be authenticated with an API key generated through Mindee. The API key is specific to the document parsing API you are working with. See Authenticate your API calls to understand how Mindee's document parsing API authentication works.

JSON Response

When calling any Mindee's REST API endpoint, you will get a standardized JSON object as a response. This JSON object always have an api_request key that contains global information on the request you just made.

    "error": {}, 
    "resources": ["document"], 
    "status": "success", 
    "status_code": 201, 
    "url": "https://api.mindee.net/v1/products/<account_name>/<api_name>/<api_version>/predict"
  "document": {...}


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