Financial document OCR

Keep track of the changes and updates for the Financial document OCR API.

Version 1

⚡️ Features and Changes (May 23rd, 2023)

New extracted field:

  • supplier_phone_number

Updated fields for receipts:

  • supplier_address is now available for receipts
  • supplier_company_registrations is now available for receipts
  • line items is now available for receipts but limited to the following features: description, unit_price quantity, total_amount

⚡️Feature: First Release (January 17th, 2023)

Extracted fields:

  • total_amount
  • total_net
  • taxes
  • supplier_address
  • supplier_name
  • payment_details ( Null for receipt)
  • orientation
  • locale (currency, language)
  • invoice_number (Null for receipt)
  • reference_numbers ( Empty list for receipt)
  • due_date
  • document_type
  • date
  • customer_company_registration (Null for receipt)
  • customer_address (Null for receipt)
  • customer_name (Null for receipt)
  • supplier_company_registration (Null for receipt)
  • category
  • Subcategory
  • time (Null for Invoices)
  • tip (Null for Invoices)
  • total_tax (sum of taxes for Invoices)
  • line_items (empty list for Receipt) :product_code, description, quantity, unit_price, total_amount, tax_amount, tax_rate

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