US Bank Check OCR .NET

The .NET OCR SDK supports the Bank Checks OCR for extracting data from bank checks.

Quick Start

using Mindee;
using Mindee.Input;
using Mindee.Product.Us.BankCheck;

string apiKey = "my-api-key";
string filePath = "/path/to/the/file.ext";

// Construct a new client
MindeeClient mindeeClient = new MindeeClient(apiKey);

// Load an input source as a path string
// Other input types can be used, as mentioned in the docs
var inputSource = new LocalInputSource(filePath);

// Call the API and parse the input
var response = await mindeeClient

// Print a summary of all the predictions
// System.Console.WriteLine(response.Document.ToString());

// Print only the document-level predictions


:Check Issue Date: 2022-03-29
:Amount: 15332.90
:Payees: JOHN DOE
         JANE DOE
:Routing Number: 063608668
:Account Number: 7789778136
:Check Number: 0003401



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