docTI Overview

What is docTI

docTI is our new LLM based solution that enables users to create within a few minutes an API to extract the precise data and fields they need from any form of document such as transport tickets, bank statements, tax returns, etc.

By defining the fields to extract on your specific documents, users can obtain a consistent model to accurately extract all of their documents with minimal human involvement.

The Mindee docTI can extract data in any languages, from both handwritten and printed text, photos, images, and multi-page pdfs, without any training.

Just as any LLM, docTI relies mainly on the text and the context it provides to extract data needed.

docTI offers to users a simple but powerful interface to build the data model (list of fields to extract from documents).

Using docTI

Below is a quick overview on how to tailor your document data extraction API using Mindee docTI

For more in-depth information check How to build your document parsing API.

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