Create & Manage API Keys

After you've set up your Mindee account, you need to create an API key before you can begin making API requests. All the APIs in the APIs Store, which include the Financial Document API, Invoices API, Receipts API, Bank Account Details API, etc., can be accessed using a single API key.

Creating Your API Key

Once logged in, you'll land on My APIs page where you will have access to the APIs you are using and a button Document Catalog to explore the off-the-shelf APIs proposed by Mindee.

  1. Click on API keys on the left menu

  2. Click on Create a new API key button.

3. Give your API key a desired name and click on Create API key.

  1. Your API key will be created showing the date and time it was created. You can then copy your API key and paste it into your development environments, applications, or command-line tools.

Managing API keys

Within the API keys section, you can create multiple API keys according to your needs, retrieve, and delete your API keys.

Set up Another API Key

You may want to use different keys for different environments, for example, one key for development, another for staging, another for production, etc. They can be different scenarios in this regard.

To add another API key, click on the Create a new API key button.

You can create multiple keys according to your needs and each of these keys can work across all APIs.

Delete API key


It is important to note that if you delete your API keys, it cannot be undone.

Once your API key is created, the API key can be deleted, but not modified.

  1. Click on the delete icon located on the left.

  1. A dialog box will pop out, type the name of your API key and click on the Delete API button.

Best Practices for Using API Keys

  1. Keeping your API keys in your environment variables is a good and safe practice.
  2. Don’t store your API key directly in your code.
  3. Avoid exposing your secret API keys on GitHub, on the client-side, or in any other location that is open to the public.
  4. Periodically change your API keys. To do so:
    • Create a new API key,
    • Update your application with the new API key.
    • Delete the old API key.


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