Technical limitations

A set of limits are enforced to ensure the safety of Mindee's parsing document APIs. An API may have additional limits depending on its plan. An API call that causes any of these limits to be exceeded will be rejected with an error. You can find limits specific to your API in the documentation tab.


If you have needs beyond these limits then get in touch with the sales team and we'll work something out.

Rate Limits

Here are the default values of the rate limits in Mindee.


  • Maximum file size(image and PDF): 10 MB.
  • Maximum number of pages for PDF:
    • Off-the-shelves: 5-10 pages(depending on the product) .
    • API builder: 5 pages.

API Calls

For information about the pricing model of Mindee, please refer yourself to the pricing on the website.


  • Maximum request throughput per second: 4 requests
  • Maximum request throughput per minute: 75 requests


General tip: You may space your API requests so that you don't go over the limit.

Data model

If your data model contains more than 50 properties, we cannot guarantee an optimal experience.
Please get in touch with the support team, so we can further discuss the situation with you.


Payload in Mindee refers to the data that you send to the server when you make an API request .

Accepted document files

TypeMIME TypeExtensions
Image JPEGimage/jpegjpeg, jpg
Image Portable Network Graphicsimage/pngpng
Image WEBPimage/webpwebp
Adobe Portable Document Formatapplication/pdfpdf



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