Mindee APIs documentation with the different section

Whether it's an off-the-shelf API from the API Store or a custom-built API, you can access the specific documentation to help you test and integrate easily. The documentation has different sections which are:

  • API Reference
  • Response scheme
  • Limitations
  • Open API

API Reference

API reference section with its sub-section

From the API reference section you can view:

  • HTTP Request
  • Sample code

HTTP Request

This contains all the main information you need to make a request to your API, such as base URL, Content-type, Authentication headers, and form data.

Sample Code

Mindee Sample code located under the API reference tab on the right

Sample code in several languages and command line tools are provided by Mindee, and they are ready to use by simply copying and pasting them into your coding environments, applications, or command line tools. To make use of this:

  1. On the left side of the screen, click on Documentation.
  2. Under the API Reference tab, you'll find the Sample code section in a number of popular languages or command line tool. Select according to your desired needs.
  3. Select the API key you wish to use.
  4. Copy and paste the code below into your applications, coding environments or command line interface. You're ready to go!

Response scheme

Response scheme section with its sub-section

From the Response scheme section you can view:

  • Response structure: This contains a full JSON response example along with a few details about how to access your document level predictions.
  • Extracted fields: This provides details about every field extracted by the API within a document.


Limitations section with its sub-section

From the limitations section you can view:

  • Supported documents: This contains details on the type of documents you can send to the API for parsing.
  • Rate limits: This provides information on the rate limits of each API depending on your plan.

Open API

Open API swagger-like interface section

The OpenAPI section is a swagger-like user interface that allows you to navigate through your API technical information. You can also download the OpenAPI definition of your API.


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