Receipt OCR

Keep track of the changes and updates for the Receipt OCR API

Version 3

⚡️ Features and Changes (March 24, 2022)

  • Update in response scheme with new orientation information available
  • Update in polygon coordinates and format

⚡️ Features and Changes (Oct 19, 2020)

  • Supports the extraction and recognition of tax codes (VAT, HST, GST, City Tax, State tax).

Version 2


Receipt V2 API Performance Update

For increased performance in the extraction of your fields and result, please upgrade to v3 as this version is currently not maintained.

⚡️ Features and Changes (Jan 13, 2020)

  • Improvement in the extraction of date field
  • Addition of merchant name to extracted fields

Version 1


Receipt V1 API Depreciation

Support for the receipt V1 API is deprecated. Please use v3 instead.

⚡️ Feature: First Release (August 6, 2019)

Extracted fields:

  • Expense category
  • Locale & currency
  • Receipt date
  • Receipt time
  • Supplier
  • Taxes details
  • Total amount


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