This section describes how to build your custom OCR API to extract data from W9 Forms using the API Builder. A W9 Form is used in the United States income tax system by a third party who must file an information return with the Internal Revenue Service.


You’ll need at least one W9 image or pdf to test your model once created.


Define your W9 Form Use Case

Using the W9 Form below, we’re going to define the fields we want to extract from it.

  • Name: The taxpayer's name.
  • Address: The taxpayer's mailing address (number, street, and apt)
  • City: The taxpayer's city.
  • State: The taxpayer's state.
  • Zip Code: The taxpayer's zip code.
  • Date: The date the W9 was filled.
  • Employer ID: The employer identification number.

That’s it for this example. Feel free to add any other relevant data that fits your requirement.

Deploy your API

Once you have defined the list of fields you want to extract from your W9 Forms, head over to the platform and follow these steps:

  • Log into your Mindee account. You'll land on the My APIs page.
  • Click the docTI tab.
  • Click the Create a new API button.

On the Set up your API section, fill in the required information. Give the API a name, a description (optional), and a cover image(optional) and click on Next.

Define Your Model

Click on the different fields to add them to your list

Using the interface, you can manually add each field for the data you are extracting. For this example, here are the different field configurations used:

Field NameField TypeExample
NameStringZoom Video Communication
AddressString55 Almaden Blvd, 54th Floor
CityStringSan Jose
Zip CodeString35113
Employer Identification NumberString61-1648780

Once you’re done setting up your data model, click the Create API button at the bottom of the screen.
You are now ready to test your API on the live interface.

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