What are Off-the-shelf APIs

Our off-the-shelf APIs are ready-to-use data extraction solutions: it is as easy as calling the API for the specific document you want to get information from. We meticulously crafted the data model specific to each use cases. These are trained using hundreds of thousands of documents to provide you with the most robust and accurate parsing solution.

Off-the-shelf APIs

We are currently working on adding more options for users, however, here are the region-specific off-the-shelf APIs currently available:




These are not documented yet (working on it), but if you use any other off-the-shelf API, you should be able to use them without any issues. If you need any help, feel free to ask on our Slack community

  • Carte Nationale d'Identité.
  • Carte Vitale.

Note: You can use all these available off-the-shelf API no matter your location.


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